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Well Organized Closet

Refresh Your Home.

A clutter-free space is the first step towards a clutter-free mind and ultimately peace in your home! Excess stuff impacts your emotional well being and tends to drive up stress levels, taking up space and time.  Let us help you reduce clutter and create a home that makes you happy every time you walk through the door.

"Reduce clutter and create a home that makes you happy every time you walk through your door." Melora

The Sustainably Styled Process

There is no job too big or too small. We love what we do and are approachable, non judgmental and fun to work with. From a simple one room declutter job to a full declutter, organize, and style project we have the skills, the local connections and resources to help you achieve your goals affordably and quickly. 

Initial Consultation

You’ll share insights into your daily routine and unique home dynamics. By understanding how you live, we tailor our decluttering, organizing and refreshing approach to your needs. This ensures a personalized solution and an inviting space that works for you!

"If you have to buy stuff to store your stuff, you might have too much stuff."

Kitchen During_edited.jpg

"If you don't LOVE or USE IT, it's called CLUTTER!"

Collaborative Curation

Step two! Together we will make decisions about what to keep, donate, sell, or get rid of. We understand that parting with stuff can be challenging and we empathize.  Our expert team is dedicated to guiding you through this process to make it less challenging and more rewarding.

Harmony Restoration

After carefully curating what to keep, we will organize and style your belongings in a manner that aligns with your day to day lifestyle, ensuring a harmonious and functional living space.


"Getting rid of clutter can eliminate up to 40% of housework. Leaving you free to spend time with the people you love!"

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