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New Home, New You.

From the pre-move prep, move-out process, and the exciting move-in phase. Sustainably Styled will guide you every step of the way. Trust us to handle the details, minimize the stress, and make your move an organized experience. With a focus on decluttering and organizing, we will help you move only what you truly need, creating a fresh start in your new home.

"I have moved house 17 times in 30 years. Internationally, cross country and just down the street. This makes me uniquely qualified to assist in every aspect of moving out, moving in, or staying put to create the space of your dreams." Melora

The Process

Pre-Move Consultation

This is an opportunity to declutter and lighten your load, ensuring you are not moving stuff you don’t actually want or need. We can tackle garages, basements, bedrooms, offices, closets, attics, playrooms and kitchens. You walk us through, tell us what you are thinking and we formulate a plan for pre move organization and declutter. 


Move Out

We can help in a number of ways depending upon your needs and desires. We will manage your movers to be sure things stay organized. If you prefer, we will do the packing for you and can provide boxes and packing materials. This is especially helpful if you have opted to do a pre move declutter. We will make sure whatever you decide to leave behind is dealt with responsibly by donation, recycle or trash. 

Move In!

The exciting part! Our goal is to get you off to a great start in your new home! Our team will unpack your belongings logically and with a game plan to ensure you are not sitting among boxes for months. We will help you style and furnish your new place so it feels just like home.

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