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Melora of Sustainably Styled

I have moved house 17 times in 30 years. Internationally, cross country and just down the street.  This makes me uniquely qualified to assist in every aspect of moving out, moving in, or staying put to create the space of your dreams.


My passion for the planet drives all my design decisions and allows me to help you de-clutter, re-organize and re-style with a clear conscience. Donating, selling, recycling, re-purposing, and reusing as much as possible. Helping you minimize the chaos in your home and the negative impact getting there has on the environment.

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"I recommend Sustainably Styled to anyone looking to declutter, refresh, restyle or reorganize their home. Melora provides a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective. Her non judgmental and open minded approach to design, combined with her ability to really listen to what a client wants, makes her the perfect choice for those selling, buying or just staying put."

Meghan Gatt, Real Estate Associate at William Raveis

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