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We all have too much stuff.  It's a fact and it costs us in ways we don't even imagine.  Clutter taxes us financially, mentally and emotionally and sucks up huge amounts of our time.  We aim to help you reduce the clutter in your home and  create spaces you are really happy to come home to. 

Honestly there is no job too big or too small.  We love what we do and are approachable, non judgmental and fun to work with.  

From a simple  one room "declutter job" to a full declutter, organize, style and design project we have the skills, the local connections and resources  to help you achieve your goals affordably and quickly. 


$75  / Hour and you would be amazed how much we can get done in an hour or two!



Putting your house on the market? Let's show in it's very best light by decluttering and staging to get you top dollar.  (Certified Home Stager). We have handymen and moving guys and a wonderful local network who can get the job done quickly and efficiently.  


Moving?  We can manage all aspects of packing up so that you are not just moving your clutter from one house to the next.  Arrive in your new home with only exactly what you really want, need and use.  We will make sure the rest is either sold, donated or recycled as much as possible.


Overwhelmed with clutter in your current home?  Let's work together to create calm, inviting spaces in which you can relax and enjoy.  You may not need all your "stuff" but someone else will likely be thrilled to have it.  


Need a change?  We can help you repurpose your spaces.  No longer need that playroom?  Want to create a beautiful home office?  Our connections with local charities insure your no longer needed items find a great home!


Would you like to refresh your home?  We can assess where your decorating dollars can have the most impact and make you excited about and proud of your home again.

Redesign, restyle, repurpose your space. Sustainably Styled by Melora.
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