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Hidden Cost of Clutter: Part Three

Living with clutter is not good for your mental health!

Removing and dealing with clutter as a form of self care?

This is the one that surprises a lot of people. Living amongst chaos takes a significant toll on our mental health and our happiness. Studies show that clutter can cause higher levels of depression and anxiety and lower our capacity to think clearly and stay focused.

Home should be our shelter from the storm that is life. We should come home to relax and enjoy our families. Unfortunately for most that is not the case. When our homes are bursting at the seams with stuff, it causes anxiety, guilt and stress. We are constantly distracted by the call of the stuff. Stuff that needs to be dealt with, cleaned, put away… It makes it impossible to relax because there is always something to be done.

And that in itself does a number on our self esteem. We tell ourselves we should be better homemakers. We should be playing with our kids or enjoying our spouses instead of shoving things into drawers. We should be able to be in and enjoy the moment. But we just don’t have time! And the resentment builds because its all on us.

Clutter makes simple tasks seem impossible or at least much more difficult than they should be. For example before you even start thinking about what to make for dinner you need to clear off the counters and put stuff away. Next you look into your fridge but you can’t easily see what is in there because there is so much. You eventually discover some chicken and vegetables you’d like to prepare and then you have to tackle the spice cabinet where you spend more time searching for the spice you need among the numerous endless other jars. Finally you dig through the pot and pan drawer moving and lifting to find the pan you need among the other 20! Exhausting!

Through decluttering we get a renewed sense of hope. The process can alleviate some of our mental load and give us a burst of confidence. This allows us to enjoy and relax in our homes which is so good for our overall well being.

Start small! Try a 7 day challenge by getting rid of 7 things on the first day, 6 on the second and 5 on the third and so on. This should not take you more than 5 minutes a day. Focus on one room for the entire 7 days and at the end of the week you will definitely see a result. That is good for your self esteem and will hopefully inspire you to try another 7 days!

Last but not least be sure your have your donation box or bags set up in advance to be added to daily. For extra satisfaction and joy plan to deliver them in person to your favorite local organization.

Good luck!!!

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