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Hidden Cost of Clutter Part 2


Somehow there simply is never enough time in a day to deal with our stuff. First we have to find it. We have to clean it, organize it, put it away, move it, fix it, put it together, and then ultimately we have to get rid of most of it!

Consider this...

It is estimated that we can save up to 40% of our time (housework) every day by decluttering proactively and becoming conscious consumers. That is an hour a day and 365 hours a year of time we could spend doing something else!

By getting rid of stuff, especially stuff we don't need use or even want, we are making time for things like "being present" for our families, learning something new, being outside in nature, spending time with friends. How many times have you said "sorry I can't do XYZ because I need to go home and clean up"? The evenings and the weekends that are wasted dealing with stuff instead of relaxing and enjoying.

Simple Declutter Tip to get you started

One thing per day (or better two things per day)

Find one thing every day for 30 days that you can live without and let it go. Get your whole family involved and make it a contest! At the end of the 30 days go as a family to your favorite local organization accepting donations and drop it off! See who collected the most and celebrate by making their favorite dinner or going out for a treat!

If you are anything like most people this simple tip will get you started and build momentum. You will feel the undeniable positive impact of lightening your load and likely feel motivated to continue on or take a bigger step!

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