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Fall is a great time to get organized!

Fall is a fabulous time to think about simplifying your home. The kids are back to school and it feels more logical to be inside doing a home project.

Decluttering, organizing and refreshing is a wonderful way to prepare for the inevitable “inside months”.

Maybe your playroom is over run with toys that your children no longer use. Perhaps your garage is busting at the seams with sporting equipment, forgotten tools and garden stuff. How about the kitchen cabinets crammed with unused small appliances, multiples of everything, and so many pots and pans you can never find what you need. Don’t forget that mudroom still housing boots, sneakers, coats and jackets that your children outgrew last spring!

All of these scenarios are chaotic and chaos causes stress. It is impossible to relax and enjoy your home when you are constantly dealing with your “stuff”. It makes us doubt ourselves and feel constantly overwhelmed.

Don’t know where to start? We have it down to a science! And we are happy to share our tips and tricks. Decluttering has to be the first step. No sense in even trying to organize until you have taken it. The good news is that most of what you have cluttering up your home, the stuff you don’t want, need or ever use will make someone else very happy!

If you are tackling this project without help, start small. Pick just one closet, one shelf or even one drawer. Commit to a day or time and just do it. Just that one small space. Toss the junk in the trash and separate the potentially still useful stuff you want from the potentially useful stuff you don't. The latter goes into a box or bag and goes immediately to the goodwill or local church or whatever your donation spot may be. The stuff you do want stays.

Don't spend more than 20 minutes on your first project. You will be amazed at what you accomplish in 20 minutes. Try the 20/20 rule. If its something you haven't used in ages (or ever) and you can replace it for less than $20 in less than 20 minutes then let it go! Often its the "I may need it some day" stuff that causes us so much trouble. The paper clips and staples, the 300 random pens and pencils, the blue tack, rolls of old wrapping paper... Yes, you MAY need it some day but in the meantime its cluttering up your drawer or closet or cabinet and when you do finally need it, its very likely you will simply be unable to find it because its hidden amongst all the other silly crap you are holding onto.

Those 20 minutes can give you a boost of confidence and a feeling of accomplishment. Clearing space and removing clutter makes us feel lighter and happier and more relaxed. Build off of that success and plan another 20 minute session and before you know it you will have tackled an entire room!

Remember, do not allow the clutter back in. Be a mindful consumer and think carefully before you spend your money on anything that is going to come and take up space in your home. Will you really use it? Will it actually improve your life? Will it make you feel better about yourself or will it become tomorrow's clutter and just weigh you down in the long run?

If you decide you do want or need help we are here for you! Our local connections here in Norwalk, Darien and Stamford, Connecticut with various organizations and charities means we know where and when to donate what! (It can be complicated!) We can also help with selling items that may have value. We make every effort to keep things out of landfill and put them in the hands of those who need them or want them.

We will work with you or for you and are enthusiastic, non judgmental, affordable and thorough. Once the declutter is completed, be it one room or your entire home, we will create a plan to keep you organized and then refresh and restyle your space if you so choose.

Call or email to discuss your project and receive a detailed and complimentary estimate.

Think of it as an investment in your well being. For the price of a couple of exercise classes, a nice dinner out, or a spa day, we can help create lasting peace and harmony in your home.

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