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30 Days of Donating (Challenge)

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

This is so easy I probably should not really refer to it as a challenge. If you are like most people you don't even have to move from where you are sitting right now to see numerous bits and pieces you can live without. I guess the challenge is committing to taking that hard look every day and picking SOMETHING you are willing to let go of.

Before you even identify your box, identify a local charity or organization in need of stuff. has a pretty comprehensive list. Choose an organization that is easy for you to get to and or one whose cause particularly speaks to you. Check their donation days and hours and go right to your calendar, 30 days out and pencil in their info.

Donating feels good. Knowing that someone will benefit from the item you don't need, want or use is a pretty good incentive. Start with a box. No need to buy one as they are readily available everywhere (liquor store, leftover amazon boxes...). Set the box in a convenient spot in your home where you are likely to see it daily as a reminder of your task.

Be thoughtful about what goes into the box so that you are collecting useful items which still have life in them as opposed to things that are broken or half dead. Start with your kitchen and tackle your "multiples" (nobody needs 6 spatulas!!).

Each day place one item into the box. You might find yourself adding more than one a day and that is awesome. You might need another box which is even more awesome. At the end of 30 days you will be amazed at what you have collected. It is stuff you don't need. It is stuff you may not even like. Its is ultimately called clutter because it is taking up space in your home and you won't even miss it. It is the stuff that keeps you from feeling organized and that probably adds stress to your life without you even realizing!

You can focus on one room per month or pull from your entire house. You can focus on your clothing or your extra sports equipment or your extra office supplies. As long as the items have life left and are in good condition someone else will be thrilled. If you have children its a great exercise for them as well. Each kid gets a box in their room and at the end of the 30 days you can make a celebration out of visiting the chosen organization, talking about the good you are doing and then reward them with a treat!

Extra Credit! Don't buy anything in the 30 day period! Swear off shopping! If you slip, add extra items to your box but be mindful that every time you do buy things you are adding to the clutter in your home. At the very least, think long and hard before you purchase something in that period. Will you still love it in a month? In a year? Do you need it or just want it? Will it really make your life better and happier or will it end up in the junk pile in next month's challenge!!!??

I'd love to see photos of full boxes or donations in progress. Email them to and I will feature them on my instagram!!

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