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Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I am selling my home and was advised by my realtor to consider using a staging company. They recommended Sustainably Styled by Melora. The experience was positive from start to finish and by the time she was done with my home I was seriously considering staying put.

I would recommend this business to anyone selling or moving, but also to anyone who just wants to get rid of stuff and restyle or refresh their home.

My property includes a 4 bedroom house with attic and basement plus a barn and two car garage. Like a lot of people I had acquired quite a bit of stuff over the years and really hadn’t dealt with it as I had always intended to. I was slightly anxious about the process of clearing out my home but the team made it easy and stress free. They were non judgmental, supportive and encouraging.

I was on a tight timeline to ready the house for the market and Melora assured me she was up for the challenge.
and her team were professional, patient and determined. They removed and sorted through countless boxes quickly and carefully. Trash and recycling were separated from donations and items with potential value, and eventually the trash was carted away to the dump. They organized, advertised and held a “yard sale” right there on my property. The few items left over were donated to local organizations.

The final step was staging the home and that was fun to watch. For the most part Melora used what I had, moving things from room to room and styling as she went. The house had never looked better and was ready ahead of schedule. The realtor and photographer were as pleased as I was and the whole experience was stress free.

The customer service was amazing and they exceeded my expectations at every turn. Their rates are reasonable and your investment will be well worth it whether you ar
e selling or staying put!

Greenwich Ct.

Services: Custom Art Selection, Real Estate Staging, Living Room Design, Home Decor Selection, Interior Painting, Interior Decorating, Space Planning, Home Staging

Halvard Kvaale

Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value 

As a listing agent it is my job to get the highest possible price for my clients when I am helping them sell their home. In many cases it is necessary to suggest certain changes to be made or staging to occur to show a property in its absolute best light. Shout out to Melora at Sustainably Styled by Melora with whom I recently worked on a project. I have known her for years as a client and a friend and have witnessed the renovation of two of the homes she bought through me. Her ability to completely transform a space is really impressive and her style is approachable and fun.

I recommend Sustainably Styled by Melora to anyone looking to declutter, refres
h, restyle or reorganize their home. She provides a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective. Her non judgmental and open minded approach to design, combined with her ability to really listen to what a client wants, makes her the perfect choice for those selling, buying or just staying put.

Meghan Gatt

Professionalism, Quality, Punctuality, Responsiveness, Value 

Melora is an absolute joy to work with! Not only does she have an amazing eye, she is super efficient and responsive and her attitude is collaborative and positive. With her help we were able to decorate and furnish our four bedroom vacation home in a matter of weeks and well within budget! The outcome was exactly the vibe we were going for and I loved working with her every step of the way.

Kindra T

Services: Room Planning, Refurbishment, Living Room Design, Home Decor Selection, Bedroom Design, Interior Decorating, Space Planning

K. Tatarsky

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